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Okay so, I know the album came out last year... and I even saw them last year. But this blog was either started just after the release/gig or I forgot to write about it so i shall now. ;)

It was the first time i have seen them live too, I have to say the performance was amazing. The set was brilliant, the sound was unbelievably good. It's hard to determine whether Sigur Ros or THAT Kings of Convenience gig is the best I have been too. Those are definatley the two at the top.

They included a cover of "Waiting In Vain". Which I have posted on my facebook.
I recorded a couple other of the songs, however I haven't uploaded them.
I like them, it's just the recordings sound doesn't do justice to the nights performance.

Before Decleration Of Dependence there was quite a gap of no activity for the band, as they were focusing on side projects, or generally just having time out.
But a year or two in my craving of a new Kings Of Convenience album I came across this video.
I stumbled across gold. :P

When the album came out with the song on it, i was thrilled.
And i LOVE the song on the album, but secretely I think if there was a full studio ukulele recording of the song in the style of the video above, I think I'd prefer that.

The album is great, well worth the wait. Nice to see that Riot On An Emtpy Street made the album.

It's hard to say a favourite track, I would probably sway towards Mrs. Cold just because it was all the hope i had for new material. But all the songs are as great.
I think tonight, i quite like ....
... boat behind... one of the more lively songs of the album.

Beautiful lyrics and vocals as always, instrumentation is also good as ever,
In addition to this the music video is pretty damm cool.