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I'm Me On Sundays

Unkown - any information please say so at the bottom of this page.

Self Released EP


  1. do you still like scarecrows?
  2. i need a home for my hands and head
  3. drunk song
  4. singing arc
  5. you're not strange enough (hey let's make some mistakes)
  6. midori green
  7. we like winterclothes
  8. robin sparrow
  9. leaving home (hidden track)

Teenage Kicks/Piano Hands Single


  1. Teenage Kicks
  2. Piano Hands

The Ghost That Carried Us Away.

  1. Good Morning Scarecrow
  2. Cat Piano
  3. Libraries
  4. Hospital Bed
  5. Hands Remember
  6. I Sing I Swim
  7. Owl Waltz
  8. Arms
  9. Sailors Blue
  10. Lost Watch
  11. Summer Bird Diamond
  12. Seashell
Available Here

Lion Face Boy/Cold Summer 7" Single


  1. Lion Face Boy
  2. Cold Summer
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We Built A Fire

To be released 5th March 2010
  1. Lion Face Boy
  2. Fire Dies Down
  3. I'll Build You A Fire
  4. Cold Summer
  5. Wooden Teeth
  6. Leafmask
  7. Softship
  8. We Fell Of The Roof
  9. Warm Blood
  10. In Winters Eyes
  11. Wolfboy

While The Fire Dies EP

To be released 5th March 2010
  1. Pocket Knife
  2. Arms (While The Fire Dies EP Version)
  3. Bright House
  4. Singing Arc (While The Fire Dies EP Version)
  5. Leafmask II
  6. Doctor