Summer Echoes and 7"

Sin Fangs new album "summer echoes" is to be released March 2011.
You can preview the tracks here.
Also if you do some searching around one of the tracks "always everything" is being given as a free download.

You may have heard of the track "nothings" by Sin Fang Bous, this is going to be included on the album, it sounds like a different version judging by the 30 sec preview, alongside the two tracks which are appearing on the new 7" release.

The 7" includes "because of the blood" and "two boys". Two boys was featured in a live video further down on this page as the "unknown live song".
You can order the 7" here. (and you can preview the tracks)

Sin Fang

Sindri is back, however this time he is dropping the 'bous' from his name.

You may have seen the landslide cover on the videos page, well Sin Fang has now released a cover 7" including this and "The only living boy in new york".

You can order the 7": Here

Album release date brought forward.

"For all our old fashioned download buying friends out there.
Since our album leaked last week we decided to pre-release the album plus 6 exclusive (so far unleaked) bonus songs 1 month before the official release date for a special album+EP bundle price.
You can get it NOW on Itunes worldwide.
God Bless You All!
Love, Seabear "

Also new website banner thanks to Tamasine Loves

Update on below post.

The song on the video i posted has been confirmed that it is going to appear on the new album with the name:
 "we fell off the roof"

New ... old song.

I stumbled on an old recording of a seabear gig the other month. So i thought i'd mention it on here...
Basically it's a video of a song I have never heard before ... (and i do mean i stumbled on it ... as i just spent a good 10 minutes trying to find it on youtube again).

Anyway ... the gig was from december 07, it could be from the new album or it might have just been one of those songs that never get recorded, I don't know. Personally i love it, alot...

I have the mp3 of the performance... it cuts off the outro of the song though... I may just edit it to fade out.
Enough babbling...

Edit: It's all the sounds and the soft vocals that does it for me, a great song in my opinion. Enjoy.

Okay, so...

My theory was completely wrong.  That is if you saw it, i accidently deleted it. It was that there would be another instrumental intro track on the new album with something to do with scarecrows.

But ladies and gentleman i also bear with me great news on releases.
An Album: We Built A Fire
An EP: While The Fire Dies
A 7" Single: Lion Face Boy/Cold Summer

For tracklistings and release dates head to the DISCOGRAPHY PAGE.

US Tour with múm and exhibiton ! Plus more news on releases.

"hello hi everyone.
i have an exhibition coming up at gallery crymogæa in reykjavík this friday
at 18:00. it's on laugavegur 41a. i will be exhibiting paintings and drawings.
on saturday a new band im in called drills will be playing a few songs at the
best record store in iceland HAVARÍ at 15:00.
on the 21st of october i'll be opening for the always amazing múm on their US/Canada tour. come out if you can and say hello.

the new seabear album is ready and will come out early next year. in december a
7" with two new songs will be released.

im currently working on a new sin fang album that will come out in 2010.

thanks to everyone who are commenting nice things, to the people
recording seabear covers and posting them on the internet, the ones making fan videos and stuff. your nice thoughts and words are a great encouragement to keep doing this.

all the best,

New Album Announced.

"We are really happy what is happening with the new album. We are now in the studio and finishing mixing the album that will be released in february or march 2010. PLUS we will be on the road in march (US/CAN) and april (EU)." - seabears myspace

Possible New Song Performed In Paris, Unknown Name.

This song that was performed live might be a new song, no one caught what the name of the song was. I have also googled the lyrics incase it was a cover. So far this song is Unknown. I absolutely love the sound of this song, hopefully there will be a release in the near future. Again, any information please leave a comment on the discography page.

From what i can hear on this one, it goes something like this ... (correct me if I am wrong)

F - G - Am - C - Em - C - Am - G - F

C - C - Am - Am - Em - Em - F     x2

G - G - G - G - Am - Am - Am - Am - G - F - F - F - F - G - G - G - G

F - G - Am - C - Em - C - Am - G - F

New Song Performed Live Called: Warm Blood.

Very good newish song. I think the chords for this go something like:
Em - Bm - G - D - A. Well thats what i hear/see. Correct me if i'm wrong.

Okay, so...

I am trying to make a little fan site for the band Seabear, we shall see how well this goes ... I shall post updates on the progress later!

Note: These pictures are not mine, and if there are any problems with me putting them up I will take them down straight away. I am just trying to set up a little sight as the official site has been down for some time and their myspace site has limited information.