Okay so, I know the album came out last year... and I even saw them last year. But this blog was either started just after the release/gig or I forgot to write about it so i shall now. ;)

It was the first time i have seen them live too, I have to say the performance was amazing. The set was brilliant, the sound was unbelievably good. It's hard to determine whether Sigur Ros or THAT Kings of Convenience gig is the best I have been too. Those are definatley the two at the top.

They included a cover of "Waiting In Vain". Which I have posted on my facebook.
I recorded a couple other of the songs, however I haven't uploaded them.
I like them, it's just the recordings sound doesn't do justice to the nights performance.

Before Decleration Of Dependence there was quite a gap of no activity for the band, as they were focusing on side projects, or generally just having time out.
But a year or two in my craving of a new Kings Of Convenience album I came across this video.
I stumbled across gold. :P

When the album came out with the song on it, i was thrilled.
And i LOVE the song on the album, but secretely I think if there was a full studio ukulele recording of the song in the style of the video above, I think I'd prefer that.

The album is great, well worth the wait. Nice to see that Riot On An Emtpy Street made the album.

It's hard to say a favourite track, I would probably sway towards Mrs. Cold just because it was all the hope i had for new material. But all the songs are as great.
I think tonight, i quite like ....
... boat behind... one of the more lively songs of the album.

Beautiful lyrics and vocals as always, instrumentation is also good as ever,
In addition to this the music video is pretty damm cool.
I wasn't going to post this, but it seems like someone has managed to get the song onto mp3 and posted it on a video on youtube. Personally Cold Summer is my favourite of the two, but as there is only a video of Lion Face Boy i'll post that below.

You can listen to both songs, and buy the 7" here.

Lion Face Boy/Cold Summer is Seabears first release of the new album, both songs will be appearing on the upcoming album "We Built a Fire" that is due to be released March 2010.

Cold Summer, the B-Side of the 7" shows something worth waiting for. This track is nothing like any of the previous songs in my opinion. Listening to Seabears debut, and reading that they are going to try something different this time around gets you thinking if it is going to be as good as the first album.

Well so far from the new album we have the live performance of Warm Blood, the live performance of We Fell Off The Roof and the Lion Face Boy/Cold Summer release. It's looking good.

So there has been alot of talk about this new EP "Fall Be Kind". You have probably already heard or read about it but just incase ...

Fall Be Kind is the latest release since Merriweather Post Pavilion, which is personally my favourite release of theirs. Some people are saying this is their best material yet, but lets not start a debate.

Released: December 14, 2009
Track Listing:
1. "Graze"
2. "What Would I Want? Sky"
3. "Bleed"
4. "On a Highway"
5. "I Think I Can"

The track "What Would I Want? Sky" has been greatly spoken about due to the track being allowed the first ever sample of a Grateful Dead song, and pitchfork gave the track a 10/10.

So i'll leave you with a song, my favourite of the EP.
"Jonsi has a new album called Go. The full tracklist is below and the
first song "Boy Lilikoi" can be downloaded on jonsi.com
, where you will also find some music samples and behind-the-scenes

"Go" will be released the week of March 22, 2010 around the world.
Here is what manager John Best had to say about it:

For years - I mean literally since I've known him (10 years now) -
Jonsi has been beavering away in his kitchen, bedroom or living room
making music extra-curricular to Sigur Ros. To be honest we'd kind of
gotten used to these being drawing board propositions only - the
ambient album, the electronic album, the pop album, the acoustic
album, etc. It's not that we didn't doubt his work ethic; these things
certainly existed, it's just that they seemed more conceptual than
real; creation to sate Jonsi's enormous energy rather than anything
we'd ever have to put on a release schedule. But then last year he
went and finished 'Riceboy Sleeps', an album that had existed as a
soundtrack to his and Alex Somer's artwork far in advance of being an
actual record. And then he started on about the *acoustic* album and
bounced straight off the back of 'Med sud i eyrum...' into the studio
(alright, apartment) with Icelander-by-proxy Nico Muhly.

It seemed apparent to us that it would be missing a trick to limit a
bona fide Jonsi solo album to being a small scale acoustic project, so
some subtle cajoling and encouragement to reach beyond his comfort
zone was the order of the day. we shot the breeze about producers and
Peter Katis's name came up off the back of his work with Fanfarlo and
The National. Jonsi weighed in with drummer Samuli from Mum, who he'd
heard playing with Alex in Nordic art supergroup Kira Kira. Suddenly
the *acoustic* record wasn't looking so acoustic after all. From then
on it's been a slow and ineluctable slide towards the full-on, barely
contained, glorious mayhem soon to be available on 'Go'.

Everything about this record has a seat of the pants feel about it,
its wildly shifted focus, the way nothing (including the album itself)
had a title til about an hour before the news hit the blogs; the fact
that as I type I still have no idea what is going to be on the cover;
or that, even though Jonsi is currently on a plane to New York to
master the record we've no clear idea of what order the songs are
going to appear in, or even, in some cases, which versions of songs
are going to be used. It's edge of the seat, it's exciting, it's
infectious. I think we are beginning to sense that maybe Jonsi has
created something super special here. More than that in fact, I think
he has created something really special here. I'm not sure I've felt
this excited about a project since the time I first heard Agaetis
Byrjun, right back in 1999. Holy fuck. Are you ready?.

"Go" tracklisting
Go Do
Animal Arithmetic
Boy Lilikoi
Sinking Friendships
Grow Till Tall
Around Us

Video of Boy Lilikoi song below.
Okay, so I may be abit behing because it was released 22nd september 2009 and I have only just bought it today. (28th November 2009)

But they have had some free downloads in the past, and I have been meaning to buy their debut for a while now. But yeah, i went to HMV and the album wasn't in stock but I saw this and bought it straight away.

It includes:
1) Higher than the stars
2) 103
3) Falling over
4) Twins
5) Higher than the stars (remix)

The video below is higher than the stars  and is set to the EP's cover.